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vb 2017

Vision Board art class

1/27, 1-4pm FULL

It’s a New Year, with new dreams and goals to achieve and envision. Join me for my 4rd annual Vision Board art class. Set your intentions into action through visual mapping.

  The 1/27 FULL

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Vision Board art class FULL

Enroll in the Vision Board art class, 1/27 full from 1-4pm at Rockridge Wellness Center.


Location: Rockridge Wellness Center, 5327 College Avenue, Oakland, CA 94618

A Vision Board art class is a collage technique to map your goals and aspirations in a non-verbal way. You will keep this map of visual imagery of your dreams and desires for the New Year in a place you can frequently view so that your images will guide your daily actions.

Bring old magazines, inspirational quotes, goals, and scissors to create your Vision board. Let your heart lead you in your creative process and you may discover more about yourself and your goals and aspirations, for this New Year, than you expect!

(I will supply large pieces of construction paper, magazines, and glue sticks.)