Workshop/ Lecture/ Class Schedule


This class is for adjunct healthcare and healthcare professionals with a background in human anatomy and physiology. You will learn the benefits and uses of cupping and gua sha for your professional development.

Cupping and Gua Sha are amazing modalities and tools to add to your manual therapy practices; massage therapists, physical therapists and bodyworkers, personal trainers, etc. A few benefits from these modalities are increased blood circulation, a parasympathetic neural response and inflammation reduction.

They help save your hands from over-use and are very effective at releasing fascial adhesions and persistent holing patterns. They are time efficient tools to add to a session, saving your body and hands and your patient/ clients body and pocketbook.


Cupping and Gua Sha Workshop

4/14, 1-4pm FULL-contact me to be on the waitlist.

Register: Here with Paypal or contact me directly for payment options-

Venmo name- Ratka Mira Popovic, 510-967-7563


Cupping/ Gua Sha Workshop

Enroll in the Cupping and Gua Sha Workshop 4/14 from 1-4pm at Elevate-Performance and Physical Therapy in Redwood City, CA.


Location: Elevate-Performance and Physical Therapy, 643 Bair Island Road #103, Redwood City, CA 94603

What to bring: Your own set of cups: pump, silicon, glass and a Chinese soup spoon, massage oil.

Suggested cups to purchase: I own a 2 sets of these to work bilaterally. But 1 set is enough to learn technique.

Suggested Chinese soup spoons for Gua Sha: I recommend the ceramic spoons only, since they are the traditional tool for Gua Sha and most people own them already or can be purchased in China town easily. I will bring 4 for students to use.