Workshop/ Lecture/ Class Schedule


In the Schedule- choose, Spring 2017, next page, choose Department, Massage Therapy- Course: MASG 53

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I will be teaching a 60 hour/ 12 week, chair massage class at De Anza College in Cupertino, CA- 4/10/17 to 6/28/17.

M and W evening from 4:30-6:45pm 4/10/17-6/28/17. (2 hours Lecture and 3 hours Lab weekly.)

An introduction to the practice of chair massage. Includes a global and historical examination of chair massage, with an exploration of a variety of techniques and modalities used throughout the World. The theory behind chair massage will be covered. Students will be given practical experiences, and critiques will be used to correct posture, body mechanics, stroke application and stroke sequence.