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A swig a day of Apple Cider Vinegar

The Holidays and cold and flu season are upon us. To give your body a boost take:

one tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar (ACV) in the morning in 8 ounces of water

The ACV will help digestion, lower blood sugars, improve the immune system and some studies say, reduce high blood pressure. ACV is packed with potassium and antioxidants. You should get the ACV with “the mother” which means unfiltered and cloudy. I prefer Bragg’s brand.

So why not take your morning swig!!! It can only help you feel better.

(If you are on medications for blood pressure, diuretics or diabetes medications consult your primary care physician first.)



Your Knees in the Fall


The Seasons are in transition and our Indian Summer awaits, in the interim we have morning fog and dampness from our magnificent Bay. This can cause joint discomfort, pain, and swelling (aka osteoarthritis).

Here a few simple ways to help bring stability to your knees in your everyday activities.

  1. When going upstairs, mountains… (hip flexion) squeeze your buttocks tightly (this engages the gluteus medius muscle) and engage your core abdominal muscles at the same time. How do you engage the core abdominals you may ask? Think of pulling your belly button (umbilicus) towards the spine and directing the pull/energy upward towards the heart simultaneously.
  2. When sitting down or picking things up off of the floor use your thigh muscles (quadriceps) by directing your buttocks behind you (stick your butt out) as if sitting in a chair.

I assure you if you practice these simple changes to your everyday movements you will have less discomfort.


Integrative Medicine

If you have known my work through out the years you know that I believe in Integrative Medicine. The combination of the best of Allopathic ( western) and traditional Medicines (all other; Mayan , Chinese, Yoruba…) from around the World.

I am so happy to announce a Workshop that I will co-teach, with the strongest most amazing Integrative Medicine team imaginable. Our demographic is Teenage Kids and there Caregivers June 20-24., 2018 at Commonweal in Bolinas, CA.

The Workshop will be free for the participants thanks to generous Donors.

If you know of anyone in your community professionally or personally that could benefit from this Workshop please direct them to links below-



In partnership with

Kids and Caregivers- Communitas- Commonweal- Healing Kitchens- Power of Hope Camp

Fruit and Veggie Smoothies!



Its that time of year where we slough off our Winter selves and re-emerge into Spring. Luckily we have our lovely temperate bay area climate to enjoy and all of the bounty of the season in the produce department to choose from to start a fruit and veggie green smoothie morning regime.

A tip: you can always peel and freeze bananas, berries, apples… to make it faster in the mornings to add into your smoothie mix. This also allows you to have fruits that are not  in season available to you.

My favorite smoothie recipe right now!

1/2 Banana

1 Apple

2 Oranges

a Handful of baby kale greens


Place all ingredients in the Vitamix or blender-and DRINK!!!!!!


Salty oranges


A friend of mine from the tropics was eating an orange with salt on it. At first glance I was surprised but then tried a wedge of this salty, sweet, juicy satisfying snack.

To top it all off, last years excessive rains has made the juiciest orange eating season in years! This snack is packed with healthy goodness and the salt adds a punch that brings out the sweetness even more.

My scientific mind realized that this delicious snack rehydrates your bodies cells and gives you a burst of energy. So next time you reach for an orange-pass the salt!!!!

salty orange


Winter is here and big news for 2018


Gift Certificates are available for this Holiday season.

Its that time of Year, Winter. The cold weather hit hard after and endless Summer so make sure to keep warm, wear lots of layers and hydrate. The strong winds and house heaters can be very drying to the respiratory system, despite living next to a Bay, so use your neti pot and drink mint tea with honey and lemon. Also get your humidifiers out if your sinuses are excessively dry to give them and your lungs a break.

I want to share my big news for 2018!!!! I will achieve two large personal goals that have been on my bucket list since I was nineteen years old.

Firstly, I will be traveling to Mexico this New Years to acquire my 200 hour Yoga Teacher training. This will allow me to dive deep into my personal health and well being and in turn share it with you in future Teaching/ Workshops and  recommendations.

Secondly, I have been accepted into my Doctorate program starting in January 2018 at The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco. The program focuses on my favorite subject, Integrative Medicine! A truly exciting opportunity to take my work to a whole new level.

And lastly, this program is designed for working professionals so that I will get to continue my private practice and work with all of you. Thank you all for continuing to inspire me to strive higher in being my best possible self. May you all have an incredible New Year ahead!





I have been thinking a lot about all of the suffering going on in the World. The victims of fires and hurricanes. Mather nature speaks of death and rebirth limits our breath with smoke and we fell tired from it all.


Fall is the time of year to let go of our golden leaves and go inside; spend more time with our soul. One of the contemplative activities that I turn to is reading poetry.  May it be a salve for your hearts.

HARVEST by Carl Sandburg

When the corn stands yellow in September,

A red flower ripens and shines amongst the stalks

And a red silk creeps among the broad ears

And tall tassels lift over all else

and keep a singing

to the prairies

and the wind.


They are the grand lone ones

For they are never saved

along with the corn:


They are cut down

and piled high

and burned.


Their fire

lights the west in November.