Happy Holy Days and New Year

dapwinterA Message from the Elders, Oraibi, Arizona Hopi Nation:

“You have been telling people that this is the eleventh hour.
Now you must go back and tell people that this is the hour!
And there are things to be considered:
Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?
Know your Garden.
It is time to speak your truth.
Create your community.
Be good to yourself.
And not look outside of yourself for a leader.
This could be a good time!
There is a river flowing very fast.
It is so great and fast that there are those who will be afraid.
They will hold on to the shore.
They will feel that they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly.
Know that the river has its destination.
The elders say that we must let go of the shore,
push off into the middle of the river,
keep our eyes open,
and our heads above the water.
See who is in there with you and celebrate.
At this time we are to take nothing personally,
least of all, ourselves.
For the moment that we do,
our spiritual growth comes to a halt.
The time of the lone wolf is over.
Gather yourselves!
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.
We are the ones that we have been waiting for.”

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Fall and I am adjunct Faculty at De Anza College!

Fall Joy and abundance!

Well I taught my first College class last night and I get to do it twice weekly until mid December. I am squeezing together years of practical knowledge and academic data. It has definitely been challenging and exciting, cramming together the classes between my, thank you all, abundant practice. But this was my top choice Institution I wanted to be faculty in, so I am making it happen.
So far I love it!!!!

After my 2.5 hour class last evening, I decided to make sure the Bookstore had enough text’s for my students which they did. I then bought a college t-shirt and  a laniere for my office key’s and Faculty I.D.  While checking out at the register one of my student’s yelled to me. while they waited in line, “Professor, see youWednesday!” For a moment I did not realize the comment  was meant for me but looked back just in case. I have been wanting this opportunity for the past few years and  I was filled with utter joy and said, “See you Wednesday, doll!”.

Don’t worry I love all of you and my private practice and I am not going anywhere I am just expanding my

Universe and the people I touch and teach.

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New adjunct Faculty at De Anza College



4:30 pm to 7:05pm

SEPTEMBER 26, 2016 – DECEMBER 14, 2016

FEES: approx. $175 plus parking fees if you choose to park on campus

Certified Massage Therapists. We have great news.  We are bringing a veteran of the arts to teach our Shiatsu class. She is coming to us highly recommended by many professionals.  She is an expert in blending Shiatsu with a number of massage techniques.  She is “highly intuitive and as excellent instructor will have much to share with her students”.  She has extensive experience with shiatsu and will share a basic routine as well as points that are associated with many syndromes. Some of the other highlights: how to open meridians and self-care through the practice of Chi Kung and meditation.  She will share the importance of blending Western and Eastern medicine and years of seasoned experiences as a practitioner.

We hope you are as excited as we are to have an opportunity to learn from and work with Ratka Mira Popovic MS, CMT.  Here is her biography:

I bring twenty-five years of experience as a holistic healthcare professional and massage therapist to De Anza college students.  I hold a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine and maintain a private practice, Nectar Health, within an integrative medicine cooperative, the Rockridge Wellness Center, in Oakland.

I have lectured at universities and co-taught at conferences about integrative and traditional medicine practices; massage therapy, herbal medicine and energetic modalities. I have taught classes and workshops at Kaiser Hospital and spearheaded corporate chair massage during the digital revolution. Some past clients include; Wired, Organic, Construct and Affymetrix.

You can find out more about my practice on my website, www.nectarhealth.net. I hope to see you in my classes.

Steps for enrollment:


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Desert travels

People always ask me how I became a Healer and Herbalist? Who did I study with and where? Granted I do hold a Masters of Science degree in Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine but before graduate school I spent over a decade doing fieldwork as a “desert rat” taking three journeys a year to different locations in the high deserts of California and the Southwest.

A desert rat is a term of endearment for all of us who might sight one another far off in the distance or at a general store picking up supplies in lost towns in dusty remote regions. Recognizable to each other by our clear eyes, fast instincts and disdain for having to interact with other humans.

I would pack up my truck in Oakland and leave for 10-day desert immersions. With maps in hand (no gps) and sheer gut instincts I would venture out into the high desert and learn the deep skill of listening; from plants, the winds voice or from a coyote encounter.

Annually, I would return to sleep in a tufa cave at 4,ooo feet elevation. The cave, which I came to call “my pod”, was one of my biggest Teacher’s. One late night while perched on the top of my cave pod I watched the night stars bright as gemstones and inhaled the Artemisia tridenta on the winds. Young and apprenticing I was just learning how to “be” on the land. The night Owl decided to gift me a lesson, they screeched and flew so fast with talons out trying to take me down. I fell back down into my pod hiding as to not be attacked by the ferocity and precision of the Owls aim. The Owl was teaching me to be aware that I was a visitor and this was there territory.

rainbow no unicornThe desert not only taught me Herbal Medicine it made me brave and willing to face my shadow over and over again and return annually for profound and magical teachings.

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Feeling satisfied?

Often we find ourselves feeling discontented? It is not always rooted in daily life but from your heart.

We forget that our lives come from the heart and your decisions should be made from your ;heart, gut and mind being all aligned. We stop listening to all three of these areas of our body and only engage the mind disconnecting us from the essence of who we are.

Next time you need to move forward in your life and feel confused, take a moment and still yourself. Wait till you feel more calm in your gut and feel less anxious in your heart and then listen to the quiet wisdom you hold within. The answer is waiting for you, once all of you is on board and whole again.


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June News

Welcome Summertime!!!!


For the season of the Sun, I have a June special for Pride month all sessions 20% off regular rates.  https://nectarhealth.net/offerings/rates/

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Living simply is living large

Well its that time of year for bathing suits and  fresh fruit/ veggie smoothies. The kids are out of school soon and you feel you are working double time to care for everyone but yourself?

It does not have to be such a stressor here are some suggestions for a more sustainable summer. Make a plan to scale back schedules. Kids actually know how to entertain themselves, let them. Give them ways to contribute to the household so that they can take part in caring for there own well being.635952983145932524-1342254205_relaxation-1Take a class that you have been wanting to check out. Go for a hike? Learn a new a song? Practice your music on a portable instrument outside in the sun and shade. Take a nap under a tree. Go to the beach… oh lazy days ahead.

Living simply is living large. Try it out. Less is more, its hard to realize until you live it.


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