Case Study: Alison–a writer in transition

Alison’s shoulders and wrists were causing her pain—a common result of hours spent at her computer as a professional writer. In addition the “soft tissue” experience her body was having, Alison was also newly married, buying a home, and preparing for a child. As she achieved her major goals, incorporating these successes into her life was a challenge for her.

The first step in treatment was to bring to conscious awareness the connection between life stresses being held in Alison’s body and the physical discomfort. Using a combination of massage, breath work and energetic modalities, the blockages that created the pain response began to release.

Alison came in with shoulder pain that she associate with a single activity, writing at a keyboard. She began to understand how the physical, professional, and personal stresses in her life were affecting her whole health.

With increased awareness, and relief from body pain, a stress-reduction plan was offered to set healthy behavior patterns around diet, rest, and exercise. This regimen of self-care allowed Alison to build upon the benefits of the healing session as she moved through her daily life in a new, more balanced way.