Case Study: Regina a yoga teacher


Regina’ shoulders, neck and hip flexor muscles were causing her pain—a common result of hours spent teaching yoga classes in various locations through-out the Bay Area and  extremely loose ligaments. Regina had also recently moved her entire family into a new home and was raising two teen-age daughters. This combination was giving her severe head-aches and over-all body discomfort.

The first step was  to recommend a weekly 30 minute session for one month to get her body and spirit back on track. This weekly treatment protocol allowed Regina to bring conscious awareness to her health and see the connection between her life stressors and her physical discomfort. Using a combination of massage, breath-work and energetic modalities, Regina gained new tools on how to continue to maintain her own health and balance.

And we laughed together about working in healthcare but not maintaining her health first. I reminded her as a mom and teacher that her caregiver abilities needed to be “in check” with herself first and foremost to accomplish all of her dreams.

After the first month, I changed her treatment protocol to a once a month, 60 minute session. This has worked amazingly well and she has continued to come in monthly since then head-ache free.