Campaign for Love

Summer of Love I went to the see the beautiful conservatory of flowers Summer of Love art installation after visiting a very dear friend in ICU. This exhibition perfectly reflected the civil unrest of our current times although it was an art installation about 1967. I was a baby growing up in the Bay Area during the […]

We are blooming

The Spring is just beginning to dry out our dark wet bones. This has been the longest Winter but now finally the Spring is truly emerging. The long, cold and wet Winter has transformed our souls. We are just beginning to test out the new model of ourselves in the World, remember the soul does not come with driving instructions […]

Fall and I am adjunct Faculty at De Anza College!

Fall Joy and abundance! Well I taught my first College class last night and I get to do it twice weekly until mid December. I am squeezing together years of practical knowledge and academic data. It has definitely been challenging and exciting, cramming together the classes between my, thank you all, abundant practice. But this […]

Desert travels

People always ask me how I became a Healer and Herbalist? Who did I study with and where? Granted I do hold a Masters of Science degree in Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine but before graduate school I spent over a decade doing fieldwork as a “desert rat” taking three journeys a year to different locations […]