Dreaming of butterflies

A woman went to bed and dreamt she was a butterfly.

When she awoke she was not sure if she was a woman dreaming she was a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming she was a woman.

Daoist pondering thanks to my lawn bowls friend, Peter.

Oaxaca City, Day of the Dead, UC Davis public altar, 2019 (I created the food offerings) .


Adjective- (of a person, manner, or gesture) displaying or having a disinclinaton for physical exertion or effort; slow and relaxed.

The word languid describes Summertime to me or what my ultimate idea of long nights and warmer days represent. I know many of you Holiday in July and August to achieve this state of bliss while some of us practice daily unhurried techniques.

I also hear from my patients that the Bay Area is getting too crowded and this state is more difficult to experience daily, for me its a matter of awareness. I know that this languid state can be assessed anywhere at anytime. I can and often experience this state while walking down the streets of Manhattan which is a true metropolis.

So it is a matter of awareness. Take a breath, walk down the street, smell the air, be mindful of the light in the sky, and truly embody the buzz of urban and urbane existence.

If you change your experience you change your life!

Summer is here!!!

Summer is officially starting this week!!!!!It’s time to get cooled off by doing some restorative activities; massage, yoga, swimming, napping, reading, and hammock time.

So even though we have our lovely cooling marine layer in the mornings take a moment and remember Summer is for fun and going slower-so go with the flow, and slow down, relax and embrace the season.

Oregano oil

Yes, Oregano oil not your standard culinary variety but (Origanum vulgare), a hardy perennial herb and a member of the mint (Lamiaceae) family, is an excellent booster for immunity. It is easy to grow in the Eastbay.

Proven to contain phenols: thymol, carvacrol, terpenes, rosmarinic acid. These antibiotic, anticeptic and analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

So it can be used for many health concerns, but I recommend it as a preventative measure taken in the morning for immunity. Because this last cold and flu season was a doozy and now allergy season is hit the Bay area hard with so many amazing blossoms and pollens.

It can be taken when higher exposure to pollens or colds/flu are around you but should not be taken indefintely ( Oregano oil is to boost not replace your own immunity).

The regular dose is 3 to 5 drops in a glass an 8 oz. glass of water. I cannot tolerate this high a dose, so I started with 1 drop in an 8 oz. glass/ mornings and now I take 2 drops every morning. The oil is highly concentrated distillation so do not exceed the recommended dosing.

I have found it to keep my health stronger ( from my patients and college students, etc.) and am happy to share this little easy wonder. You can also drop it in to your regular lemon water in the morning.

Contraindications: diabetic patients because it can interact with diabetic drugs, hemophiliacs, children or post surgery because it can cause more bleeding.

Happy Spring 2019!!!!

Tis’ the Season of renewal and new beginnings. What are your dreams for yourself this year? Are you ready to create them? Now is the time to truly focus your energies and SPRING into action!!!!!

It has been a long, rainy, deeply internal pajama and cozy clothes Winter season. Much is now blooming in the forests, gardens and within your soul. All of the dormant seeds of the past 12 years have an opportunity to sprout forth in 2019- What dormant visions and desires have you kept sleeping? What are you ready to complete? What wants to be expressed and bloom?

Nurture yourself and your personal aspirations. “Begin to weave and the Divine will provide the thread.” -Old Proverb-

Happy Year of the PIG

This year is promised to be easier and more fun, more love, cuddles and being cozy at home. Pig also likes “plenty”, so plenty of food, friends, family, community, dinners, parties, drink, large salaries… all are possible this year.

It is the final sign in the 12 zodiac signs which translates into a great year for completing big projects or emotional things that have been lingering for months or even years.

It is also a double Yin year; Yin Water and Earth in the elements. This too means a year of empowered Woman bringing leadership and changes to protecting our Mother Earth and the environment. Charitable organizations, especially those for ones less fortunate than ourselves will do very well in donations and volunteers.

It is also a year of more rain, fog, moisture, creating dampness, so be careful with your diet for proper digestion and respiratory issues. Eat plenty of sweet root vegetables, stay hydrated but add lemon or apple cider vinegar to your drinking water, the citric acid improves digestion and reduces water retention and bloating. Also, get plenty of low-impact exercise to improve your ability to naturally clear out excess fluids from the body.

Otherwise, know that last year was a huge growth year but it was difficult but now it is OVER!!! New solid lifestyle and emotional changes have been made and you will have more ease in your daily life.