Welcome back!

This Spring we are emerging from this past year of trauma and deep soul awakenings, as if we are all the Disney movies main character of, “Sleeping Beauty”, all reawakening from a one hundred year-long slumber and experiencing the world for the first time. We have been kissed by life itself and it is a lot to absorb, causing a multitude of stimuli overload for the senses, causing easy exhaustion.

Emerge slowly and enjoy the psychedelic technicolor of the Spring season, with your masks on, but then retreat back to restore your body, when you feel it’s necessary. Treat yourself with care and pay attention to your health needs.

We are all nubile beings in this brave new world. We are different now after all that has transpired and need to realize we must pay heed to who we have become.

30 years as a Healer

Thank you to all of my patients, students and teachers for giving me a magical career as a Healer for the past thirty years and in helping me to usher in what will be my next decade in service, to you.

You have entrusted me with the precious health of your body and soul. I have seen you through your injuries, emotions, memories, rites of passage, stories, pains, rehabilitations, visions, personal growth and, awakenings. You’ve trusted in my work and inspired me to strive higher and journey around the world for both further study and to receive my own healings. My teachers have been Masters from various traditions from the Dao, Paganism, Mysticism, Yoruba, Curanderismo, Shamanism, Yogic, and the natural world.

I thank you.

Here are some memories of our work together:

  1. As your Doula when you labored to bring forth your daughter, after the OB-GYN said you needed a C-section because your pelvis was not wide enough, and you looked at me and had the life force to crack your pelvis open to birth vaginally.

2. As your wedding rite Officiate overlooking Bolinas Bay while your intimate circle of family and friends witnessed your ceremony of love.

3. As your Healer after your double knee surgery while you lay in the hospital rehabilitation facility, I worked on you, and then while you rested, I read you poetry.

4. As your Confidante when you shared that you were extremely stressed and excited to propose marriage to your partner after you picked up the commissioned ring.

5. As your Diagnostician detecting a Chinese Medicine pattern that indicated colon cancer and advising you to immediately address the malady at a hospital which gave you three additional years of life and the opportunity to meet your first grand-daughter.

6. As your Oracle visualizing you as a great warrior marching up a mountainside while working on your wheelchair-bound body, and learning during the session, that we were experiencing the same vision.

My work brings me intimately into your lives, and I help you through your most vulnerable and joyous hours. For all of this magic, I thank you and I am here.

To serve in love and kindness.

A Cozy Holiday Season!!!

This year has been extremely challenging on many fronts and it’s caused a deep level of fatigue, depression and angst.

So, I want to introduce you to a Danish term “Hygge” (pronounced, “HUE-geh”), which encompasses a way of life by being cozy. You might have already begun instilling this cozy ethos, by chance during sheltering, but here are ways to make this practice a conscious choice instead of a default response.

“Hygge is about an atmosphere and an experience, rather than about things”.

According to the author, Meik Wiking, who wrote The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living, “Hygge is about creating a cozy, comfortable, physical environment: lighting candles, snuggling up with soft blankets, and consuming soothing drinks. But it’s also a mindset and philosophy. It’s about who you choose to surround yourself with and what you choose to spend your time doing. It’s about being with people we love; a feeling that we are safe, that we are shielded from the world and allowing ourselves to let our guard down.”

When you are intentional about your cozy choices it has direct physiological, scientifically proven, health benefits:

  1. Reduces heart rate.
  2. Increases oxytocin response, a “feel good/ love” hormone.
  3. Reduces stress and increases a sense of well-being.
  4. Improves cognition, emotional and physical experiences.
  5. Makes you more creative and socially responsive.

So, go ahead and intentionally embrace the philosophy of COZY this Holiday Season and into the New Year. Be mindful of your negative self-talk and change it into positive affirmations. You can find an easier path in 2021 and this concept and lifestyle might just be the answer.

Top of the Season to you!!!!!!!!

NEW-Walk and Talk-Sessions

A way to be supported, while masked and distanced.

Bring a question, health concern or stressor that you want to walk and talk out of your body.

Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays 12-5pm.

45-minute Walk & Talk $45.00

30-minute Walk & Talk $30.00

Payments can be made with a credit or debit card and venmo.

Text/ e-mail/ call, to set up a Walk and Talk appointment, 510-967-7563.

Return to the Light

Today is Diwali an Indian festival that is a celebration of the return to the light. It is also new moon in Scorpio, this moon is about clearing old shadows and wounds to free the soul to finally move forward.

This combination is very hopeful to me personally and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Life is precious and vulnerable. Let us be humbled and remember to be the light in this time.

It has been an arduous year; Covid fatigue and losses, economic instability, grief, social injustices, depression, isolation, etc.

But it has also shed light on what is fundamentally essential in our lives; family, community, love, breathing, good health, civic engagement while socially distanced, staying informed, and not taking anything for granted.

We have been striped down to the basics (often in our pajamas) to recognize our own true ever-changing nature.

Allow the light to shine from within this weekend. See the light in others and in our amazing Planet.

Keep the torchlight of hope stoked in your soul, and let it shine bright my friends to guide us all into a brighter future.

New Office, New Hours, New Direction

I will begin seeing patients at my new office location on Thursdays, 10-6pm, 9/17/20. I am excited for this next new chapter of my career.

I am joining the Manzanita Wellness Clinic at 2818 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702. It is an amazing Clinic with herbal gardens, Community Acupuncture, parking in the back of the building, etc.

There is room to grow my private practice and offer all of my abilities; Massage/ Bodywork, Priestess work, and workshops/ classes.

My new moon, 4-class series starts, 9/17/20, see details, https://nectarhealth.net/workshop-lecture-class-schedule/

I am also offering chair massage on the deck for specific issues or injuries of shoulders and back, https://nectarhealth.net/offerings/special-offers/

Stay tuned!

I am missing parts of my old, pre-pandemic life.

The regularity of a schedule, the ability to socialize without a mask, enjoying the multicultural mecca we reside in, and my work as a Healer/ Doctor and Educator.

I want to offer you something tangible that can help you feel grounded and enlivened. The Governor does not allow me to practice my medicine in an office, face-to-face setting, any longer. Who knows when this will happen again?

So stay tuned, I will launch a regular Zoom class. To hopefully bring some ease, tools and remembering of the great change we are in globally. I hope you will join me in making it fun, engaging and personal.


Strawberry Rose Full Moon Eclipse

It is a strawberry rose full moon eclipse in Sagittarius today. Look up and see the large reddish moon tonight if it is not too foggy.

It’s officially eclipse season and it all begins with a life-changing rose moon in Sagittarius on June 5 at 3:12 p.m. ET. This is when transformation happens so fast that it makes your head spin. The universe is stepping in to evoke abrupt endings and sharp new beginnings when you least expect it. Even though you may feel dizzy by all these changes happening all at once, it’s all part of your destiny, so let the moonlight guide you forward.

Taking place in expansive, worldly, cultural, and open-minded Sagittarius, this lunar eclipse (also known as the Strawberry Moon) is about bringing down barriers and inhibiting mentalities. Sagittarius is an adventurer at heart, a sign that disobeys rules if they find them unjust and considers the big picture instead of the fine details. What in your life is holding you back from experiencing all the beautiful things you could experience? What is preventing you from taking a leap of faith and opening your heart to something that contradicts everything you thought you knew? Extend your hand, listen to voices who are unheard, and see everything from a fresh perspective. This lunar eclipse may take you somewhere you never expected to go, but it’s so important you go there. Trust in what the cosmos have in store for you, because it’s all part of your destiny.

Whatever happens under a lunar eclipse is meant to happen. Whether the news it brings is devastating or empowering, it’s encouraging you to go in a direction you may have been avoiding; a direction you know, deep within your heart, you’re meant to move toward.

In Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, this eclipse will challenge you to release the mindset, lifestyle, and philosophies you’ve outgrown, so you can welcome in the new. Themes revolving around expansion, growth, and your soul’s truth will be top of mind during this time. Sagittarius’ mutable fire thrives when it’s able to experience life to the fullest, and this is an opportunity for you to expand your conscious awareness. Full moons are about creating a healthy balance between your emotional reality and physical reality. (thanks to elitedaily.com).

Thoughts in these times of sheltering

The Bay Area’s response to the Covid-19 threat resulted with the shelter in place order. All of us in Alameda and neighboring counties are suffering from this mandate. We are all patiently waiting for the authorities (president, governor and public health officials) to provide further directive and give us the green light to resume business as usual in the weeks or months ahead.

If you find yourself idled then it’s time to take stock of your health. By the time the order is lifted will you want to resume business as usual? I hope not.

According to the Center for Disease Control an average of 35% of Americans get less than the recommended seven hours of sleep per night with negative impacts to their health across all demographics (sex, race and age). Lack of sleep leads to poor cognition, inflammatory responses, suppressed immunity and a plethora of increased health risks. It isn’t just the amount of sleep that you get but the quality of sleep that can put you at risk for health issues. https://www.cdc.gov/sleep/data_statistics.html

Our American culture is not about resting but about producing. Our indoctrination is so strong that we are hard-pressed to recognize this trait within ourselves or others. Rest is the primary way to support your immunity even if you have pre-existing health concerns. This time-out can be a chance to address personal challenges that we have been avoiding and possibly losing sleep over.

As a healthcare professional, I wholeheartedly recommend proper rest. Sleep as long as you want and nap frequently. Do activities in and around your home that you find relaxing. Pull that book off of the shelf and start reading. Get your hands dirty gardening. Watch a YouTube to learn a new stretch. Head to the hills for a hike with your pet. Try that time-consuming recipe. Run to the hardware store and make some home repairs. Watch a funny movie. Go ahead, you have full permission for self-care during this stressful period and beyond.

While you are hanging around the house try instilling these health tips:

  • Reduce your intake of foods and beverages that cause inflammatory responses in your body. Most of you know what these are for yourselves including alcohol and sugar intake.
  • Drink up! The body needs a constant influx of fresh water to dilute and flush toxins. If you are not good at drinking water prepare herb tea or flavor your water with chopped fruit.
  • Try singing the happy birthday song, slowly, while you wash your hands scrubbing up to the wrists to make sure that you wash long enough.
  • Avoid touching your face especially your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Use salt water gargles to soothe a sore throat and further reduce pathogens from entering your lungs. Recipe: ¼ to ½ tsp salt added to 8 ounces of water stirred until salt is dissolved then gargle.
  • Eat ginger, garlic, onion, chili pepper and turmeric to keep your immunity strong.
  • Look up a recipe for ‘fire cider’ and make a batch.
  • Get sunlight on your skin by sitting on your balconies or in your front-or-backyards. Remember to breathe deeply.

We are fortunate and have to count our blessings as we take this time to keep ourselves and our souls healthy. We are all working together to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and quelling our own fears by instating healthier habits. So go ahead and enjoy your rest while you stay flexible in mind, body and spirit.