About Nectar Health

happy-face-2Dr. Ratka Mira Popovic, DACM, CMT, RYT

Compassionate, knowledgeable, experienced.

I hold a Doctorate degree from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and teach at De Anza College in the Massage Therapy Program within the Kinesiology Department.

I have had a complementary medicine practice since 1991 and have given over 30,000 treatments. My patients are diverse in lifestyle and profession, but I serve every patient be they, adult, geriatric or pediatric, with the same deep listening, honor, and respect.

I recognize that injuries often have their origins in a variety of sources: physical, psychological, or spiritual. I use a combination of massage, Chinese medicine modalities, breath-work and manual therapies to address the immediate needs of my patients, to create healing plans that bring relief to current pain and address root causes.


See my resume here.