Take pleasure in the sweet mundane!

I want to share some tools of finding psychological and spiritual balance during these trying and uncertain times.

Take splendor in the sweet mundane! Linger and embody the moments that bring you joy, do not let these moments be fleeting. but give them the truly wondrous, spaciousness, and attention they deserve, meaning stay in the feeling longer than you usually allot yourself.

 What you will find is that it feels good to allow yourself more time to enjoy simple pleasures,  enjoy all of your life, especially the incredible nuances that are truly magical every day.

These are some examples of my daily bliss states to help guide you to yours.

  1. The smell of freshly made coffee enlivening my senses.
  2.  The incredible song of a bird welcoming the morning.
  3. The subtle howl of the wind as it passes by my office windows.
  4. The golden light of Fall that graces my sight and perception.
  5. My vegetable and herbs that give back in harvest and seed.
  6. The Crows that dance and paint the sky with frolic and community.

Feel free to write me back with your SPLENDORS! I would love to hear about them!