30 years as a Healer

Thank you to all of my patients, students and teachers for giving me a magical career as a Healer for the past thirty years and in helping me to usher in what will be my next decade in service, to you.

You have entrusted me with the precious health of your body and soul. I have seen you through your injuries, emotions, memories, rites of passage, stories, pains, rehabilitations, visions, personal growth and, awakenings. You’ve trusted in my work and inspired me to strive higher and journey around the world for both further study and to receive my own healings. My teachers have been Masters from various traditions from the Dao, Paganism, Mysticism, Yoruba, Curanderismo, Shamanism, Yogic, and the natural world.

I thank you.

Here are some memories of our work together:

  1. As your Doula when you labored to bring forth your daughter, after the OB-GYN said you needed a C-section because your pelvis was not wide enough, and you looked at me and had the life force to crack your pelvis open to birth vaginally.

2. As your wedding rite Officiate overlooking Bolinas Bay while your intimate circle of family and friends witnessed your ceremony of love.

3. As your Healer after your double knee surgery while you lay in the hospital rehabilitation facility, I worked on you, and then while you rested, I read you poetry.

4. As your Confidante when you shared that you were extremely stressed and excited to propose marriage to your partner after you picked up the commissioned ring.

5. As your Diagnostician detecting a Chinese Medicine pattern that indicated colon cancer and advising you to immediately address the malady at a hospital which gave you three additional years of life and the opportunity to meet your first grand-daughter.

6. As your Oracle visualizing you as a great warrior marching up a mountainside while working on your wheelchair-bound body, and learning during the session, that we were experiencing the same vision.

My work brings me intimately into your lives, and I help you through your most vulnerable and joyous hours. For all of this magic, I thank you and I am here.

To serve in love and kindness.