Return to the Light

Today is Diwali an Indian festival that is a celebration of the return to the light. It is also new moon in Scorpio, this moon is about clearing old shadows and wounds to free the soul to finally move forward.

This combination is very hopeful to me personally and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Life is precious and vulnerable. Let us be humbled and remember to be the light in this time.

It has been an arduous year; Covid fatigue and losses, economic instability, grief, social injustices, depression, isolation, etc.

But it has also shed light on what is fundamentally essential in our lives; family, community, love, breathing, good health, civic engagement while socially distanced, staying informed, and not taking anything for granted.

We have been striped down to the basics (often in our pajamas) to recognize our own true ever-changing nature.

Allow the light to shine from within this weekend. See the light in others and in our amazing Planet.

Keep the torchlight of hope stoked in your soul, and let it shine bright my friends to guide us all into a brighter future.