Happy Year of the PIG

This year is promised to be easier and more fun, more love, cuddles and being cozy at home. Pig also likes “plenty”, so plenty of food, friends, family, community, dinners, parties, drink, large salaries… all are possible this year.

It is the final sign in the 12 zodiac signs which translates into a great year for completing big projects or emotional things that have been lingering for months or even years.

It is also a double Yin year; Yin Water and Earth in the elements. This too means a year of empowered Woman bringing leadership and changes to protecting our Mother Earth and the environment. Charitable organizations, especially those for ones less fortunate than ourselves will do very well in donations and volunteers.

It is also a year of more rain, fog, moisture, creating dampness, so be careful with your diet for proper digestion and respiratory issues. Eat plenty of sweet root vegetables, stay hydrated but add lemon or apple cider vinegar to your drinking water, the citric acid improves digestion and reduces water retention and bloating. Also, get plenty of low-impact exercise to improve your ability to naturally clear out excess fluids from the body.

Otherwise, know that last year was a huge growth year but it was difficult but now it is OVER!!! New solid lifestyle and emotional changes have been made and you will have more ease in your daily life.