Happy Holy Days and Welcome 2019!!!

I hope that your Holiday Season is full of wonder, smiles, respite and multitudes of love.

It has been a very successful and extremely rewarding year for me personally and professionally. As you all know I am one to engage with life fully and this year was truly BIG for me.  I completed many dreams from my bucket list, some of which were there since my childhood: Obtained a Doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, became a certified Yoga Teacher and traveled to Oaxaca City, Mexico for Day of the Dead!! Wow, so exhausted, happy and blessed to have had the energy and desire to make my dreams a reality.

I taught at De Anza as a Professor and of course had the privilege and honor to work with all of you at my private practice. I cannot express the gratitude in getting to work with your health/wellness. Thank you for trusting me with your body/ soul.

In love and gratitude,

Dr. RatkaMira Popovic