Your Knees in the Fall


The Seasons are in transition and our Indian Summer awaits, in the interim we have morning fog and dampness from our magnificent Bay. This can cause joint discomfort, pain, and swelling (aka osteoarthritis).

Here a few simple ways to help bring stability to your knees in your everyday activities.

  1. When going upstairs, mountains… (hip flexion) squeeze your buttocks tightly (this engages the gluteus medius muscle) and engage your core abdominal muscles at the same time. How do you engage the core abdominals you may ask? Think of pulling your belly button (umbilicus) towards the spine and directing the pull/energy upward towards the heart simultaneously.
  2. When sitting down or picking things up off of the floor use your thigh muscles (quadriceps) by directing your buttocks behind you (stick your butt out) as if sitting in a chair.

I assure you if you practice these simple changes to your everyday movements you will have less discomfort.