Winter is here and big news for 2018


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Its that time of Year, Winter. The cold weather hit hard after and endless Summer so make sure to keep warm, wear lots of layers and hydrate. The strong winds and house heaters can be very drying to the respiratory system, despite living next to a Bay, so use your neti pot and drink mint tea with honey and lemon. Also get your humidifiers out if your sinuses are excessively dry to give them and your lungs a break.

I want to share my big news for 2018!!!! I will achieve two large personal goals that have been on my bucket list since I was nineteen years old.

Firstly, I will be traveling to Mexico this New Years to acquire my 200 hour Yoga Teacher training. This will allow me to dive deep into my personal health and well being and in turn share it with you in future Teaching/ Workshops and  recommendations.

Secondly, I have been accepted into my Doctorate program starting in January 2018 at The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco. The program focuses on my favorite subject, Integrative Medicine! A truly exciting opportunity to take my work to a whole new level.

And lastly, this program is designed for working professionals so that I will get to continue my private practice and work with all of you. Thank you all for continuing to inspire me to strive higher in being my best possible self. May you all have an incredible New Year ahead!