Campaign for Love

Summer of Love
I went to the see the beautiful conservatory of flowers Summer of Love art installation after visiting a very dear friend in ICU. This exhibition perfectly reflected the civil unrest of our current times although it was an art installation about 1967. I was a baby growing up in the Bay Area during the hippy era, “Make love not War”. I realized at that moment that this is our time to rise together to do the the same thing!!


This has been a difficult Summer for many of you. I have been seeing firsthand, since the presidential campaign how our American political climate is effecting everyone’s Health.
Anxiety attacks, herpes/ shingles outbreaks, fears, depression, sleeping difficulties, rage, heart palpitations…

I want to help ease your anxieties by reminding you that LOVE always WINS!!!

First, find the love in your hearts again for yourself and then everyone around you. Take responsibility for your own Health and actions. Apologize to the ones you love for not treating them with reverence and have the integrity to move forward in loving kindness.

This is not a time to sit idle but to drive all those feelings towards LOVE and do good in the World. This is our Country, this is our Democracy. We are the change makers.

Remember the POWER of standing together is a daily practice, especially practiced in your mundane routines , i.e. Your Bart train ride to work in the morning.

Stand up, walk tall, reach out a helping hand and ACT to continue creating and being an active part of our civil society.

Love, love, love.