Fall and I am adjunct Faculty at De Anza College!

Fall Joy and abundance!

Well I taught my first College class last night and I get to do it twice weekly until mid December. I am squeezing together years of practical knowledge and academic data. It has definitely been challenging and exciting, cramming together the classes between my, thank you all, abundant practice. But this was my top choice Institution I wanted to be faculty in, so I am making it happen.
So far I love it!!!!

After my 2.5 hour class last evening, I decided to make sure the Bookstore had enough text’s for my students which they did. I then bought a college t-shirt and  a laniere for my office key’s and Faculty I.D.  While checking out at the register one of my student’s yelled to me. while they waited in line, “Professor, see youWednesday!” For a moment I did not realize the comment  was meant for me but looked back just in case. I have been wanting this opportunity for the past few years and  I was filled with utter joy and said, “See you Wednesday, doll!”.

Don’t worry I love all of you and my private practice and I am not going anywhere I am just expanding my

Universe and the people I touch and teach.