New adjunct Faculty at De Anza College



4:30 pm to 7:05pm

SEPTEMBER 26, 2016 – DECEMBER 14, 2016

FEES: approx. $175 plus parking fees if you choose to park on campus

Certified Massage Therapists. We have great news.  We are bringing a veteran of the arts to teach our Shiatsu class. She is coming to us highly recommended by many professionals.  She is an expert in blending Shiatsu with a number of massage techniques.  She is “highly intuitive and as excellent instructor will have much to share with her students”.  She has extensive experience with shiatsu and will share a basic routine as well as points that are associated with many syndromes. Some of the other highlights: how to open meridians and self-care through the practice of Chi Kung and meditation.  She will share the importance of blending Western and Eastern medicine and years of seasoned experiences as a practitioner.

We hope you are as excited as we are to have an opportunity to learn from and work with Ratka Mira Popovic MS, CMT.  Here is her biography:

I bring twenty-five years of experience as a holistic healthcare professional and massage therapist to De Anza college students.  I hold a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine and maintain a private practice, Nectar Health, within an integrative medicine cooperative, the Rockridge Wellness Center, in Oakland.

I have lectured at universities and co-taught at conferences about integrative and traditional medicine practices; massage therapy, herbal medicine and energetic modalities. I have taught classes and workshops at Kaiser Hospital and spearheaded corporate chair massage during the digital revolution. Some past clients include; Wired, Organic, Construct and Affymetrix.

You can find out more about my practice on my website, I hope to see you in my classes.

Steps for enrollment: