Living simply is living large

Well its that time of year for bathing suits and  fresh fruit/ veggie smoothies. The kids are out of school soon and you feel you are working double time to care for everyone but yourself?

It does not have to be such a stressor here are some suggestions for a more sustainable summer. Make a plan to scale back schedules. Kids actually know how to entertain themselves, let them. Give them ways to contribute to the household so that they can take part in caring for there own well being.635952983145932524-1342254205_relaxation-1Take a class that you have been wanting to check out. Go for a hike? Learn a new a song? Practice your music on a portable instrument outside in the sun and shade. Take a nap under a tree. Go to the beach… oh lazy days ahead.

Living simply is living large. Try it out. Less is more, its hard to realize until you live it.