Silver Anniversary of Nectar Health

me 25I have had Nectar Health just past 25 years, my Silver Anniversary. Wow, what a journey it has been.

When one commits to having a healing arts practice it is a holistic commitment to a way of life. Sure, there are the logistics of staying abreast of current treatments and trends, new medical procedures and pharmaceuticals/ herbal remedies, office software and marketing tools… but the personal work is always the foundational piece to being a truly good practitioner.

I practice what I preach. Being good to oneself among the endless distractions of daily existence; good food, good rest , good love, good friends/ community/ colleagues, good exercise, good fun, good volunteer work, and good listening.

Taking time out to unplug, play , rest, commune and practice my joyful regime of self care and love.

Love myself first. Love all living creatures and nature. Have reverence for small delights. Be thankful and be gracious. I practice these simple acts daily.  When I forget I know its time to slow down and recharge. I know I am just trying my best.

I am thankful for each person that has trusted me in their care which now is over 25,000. I am thankful for all whom I mentor and school.  You are my teachers daily. Sharing in your struggles and delights. Thanks to professional confidentiality all that is exchanged is sacred. Helping to remember that we are all sacred, life is sacred. Just waking up is a gift.

I want to say you all brought me to my Silver anniversary. When I changed my profession from animation film in New York City back in 1990 to the healing arts, I was just a young woman of 27 years with no clue of how it would completely alter and reassemble my soul.

You have inspired me to continue to study with traditional teachers, witches and shamans and in formal settings, most recently a Masters of Science degree in Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine. You motivate me. You give me interest and desire for my field.

So come get a session. If my new fancy office and rates are beyond your financial means talk to me. Because I am here to work. Because my practice is a grace.

25 years of grace. I am amazed. Grateful. Amused and still curious. I stay curious and want to learn more.

Thank you.