Lovely time of year!

squash-and-gourd-tunnel-736x514Enter and pass through the bridge of squashes.  Enter the Season of beautiful sunsets. The golden hues against fantastical skies. Lavish it! Enjoy wearing sweaters and socks and delight in pumpkins, goblins and butternut squash soup.

All of you lovely’s have been sleeping more. That is good and normal. I think after the longest hot season, our Bay area bodies need the rest and rejuvenation. This is the time of year for it, embrace it.

Put your pajamas on early, curl up with a book, your sweetie, a cup of tea or whatever represents cozy to you and when you need some bodywork set up an appointment with me and all will be even better-bring sweats to your session, so after your treatment you can be warm and comfortable on your way home. Or better yet, book an on-site session with me at your home and literally be in your pajamas, it will be the ultimate session of luxury and comfort.