Chinook book/ app

IMG_20150828_175925242_HDR bookWell I have placed an add in the Chinook print book for 2016. This Hippie, granola coupon book has been around forever and it was time I advertised in it. You can buy the book at Whole foods, Berkeley Bowl, etc…

My add is #C-255.

But this year they are also doing their first on-line version-free for the first 2 months! To the left and above you can see directions on how to download the app for free and get loads of cool discounts at merchants, I am sure you already shop in!

All you have to do is include the activation code #99234-2396-2020-4438.

My ad is under Nectar Health in alphabetical order and is a special of 20% off and 1 hour session (worth$85.00) but with the discounted special price is only $68.00!