Winter breathing

So we are in the dead of Winter. The light returns slowly and the days get longer but flu’s and the blues persist. The endless blue skies make you forget that it is winter and kidney season in daoist medicine, with the element being water. This is the time of year to sleep long hours, eat heavy foods and to dream in a new set of goals for the year.

I give you a meditation that might help you get through winter depression and boggy upper respiratory colds/ flu.


Imagine a gorgeous strong Dragon that snorts fire. Now imagine your axilla’s (armpits).

Breath into your armpits like a fire breathing dragon.The armpits are a place on our bodies that we rarely give attention to and hardly ever breath into? But our axilla’s can literally change the axis of how the energy flows in our bodies. Our heart meridian begins at the axilla, our shoulder rotators attach into it and a huge intersection of nerves pass through the area to feed the arm.

Breathe in and stoke your internal flames by breathing in and out like a Dragon all the way into your axilla’s. Filling your upper cavity with oxygen. Notice how the chest rises and falls. Notice how your neck/ shoulders can soften and  how more oxygen creates more mental clarity. A great way to get the movement of energy circulating through out your entire system.

This will get the flu moving out and give you more energy and awareness into your chest and breath.