Happy Fall!

Autumn is the Season where the sun begins to wane and the shadows grow longer. Our Ancestors are honored and goblins come out to play!

Time to wear costumes, build altars, decorate wreaths and carve pumpkins. Stay warm with hot foods, sweaters and socks. Incorporate warming herbs into your cooking or drink chai tea.


After you are done with the pumpkin as a display-eat it!

Pumpkin soup recipe

Pumpkin, with a few air holes punctured with a fork

Onion, sliced

3 corns freshly shucked

half bunch of parsley, chopped

third bunch of cilantro, chopped

salt to taste

1 lemon,  juiced

1 tsp. curry powder

(Chili powder if desired)

Blender and water (or a can of coconut milk)

Stock pot


Bake a small pumpkin in oven at 375 degrees for 45 minutes on cookie sheet

Saute onions in skillet and add shucked corn into pan. When the onion becomes clear, add cilantro, parsley, lemon juice and curry powder. Turn off heat. Clean seeds, fiber and shell from pumpkin and compost

Add pumpkin meat to blender with water

Then transfer pumpkin puree to stock pot with sautéd mixture and cook for 30 minutes on low heat.