Slow down and un plug this Memorial day week-end

Holidays are for relaxing and its a good time to remember to apply your natural wisdom. Adrenaline is meant for emergencies not daily existence.

Un plug from all communication unless a true emergency is at hand. If you miss a message or text most of the time its really not urgent. But what you will accomplish is peace of mind. 

Stress is the number one cause of many illnesses, mid section body fat and miscommunication. Slowing down allows you to become mindful of your interactions, food and fluid intake and with whom you surround yourself. Track what causes your belly to hurt, your head to ache and your sleep to become disturbed. When you slow down you get back to your own innate biorhythms, an entire physiological cascade effect occurs allowing your body to switch into its para sympathetic neural response equating to, relaxation.

Our rushed paced never gives us an opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. So you must choose to take action with inaction. Enjoy your time off, your family and most important yourself.Image