Stop and reflect


Tis’ the Season for merriment and parties, family time and enjoying time off from work. But in the middle of all the excitement, is you. Our bodies naturally want to slow down at this time of year but somehow the Holidays are all about rushing around and socializing. You may be having fun but feeling tired and over extended? These are natural responses to going too fast while desiring to go really slow.

Have you taken a moment between the festivities to recuperate or rest? Have you checked in with yourself about alcohol or rich food intake? Are you letting yourself share your heart with your loved ones? I hope you are starting to think about some of these questions?

Give yourself a moment to reflect about your life this past Year. Go inward. Maybe, take a walk in the Redwoods or sit in your garden and witness the Fall, put on your pajamas early and sleep in late. These are some fun and easy ways to enjoy your personal down time.

It’s the end of the Year. New beginnings are on the horizon. I hope 2014 is truly kind and generous to you and I want to thank you for sharing your trust, health, heart and dreams with me.

Looking forward to Dreaming in a bright and glorious New Year with you!

Blessing on the Season,