Time for Fall and nourishing sleep and tea

Well the rain arrived today after the longest dry Season that I can remember, since I began my practice back in 1991. I am going to recommend a nourishing Tea and a great natural pillow for your sleep. These two things have been coming up the past few weeks in my office. It makes sense because we are in Fall. Even though the outside weather has been hot for months,our bodies are wise and know its time to slow down, get more restful sleep and nourish our lungs and tissues with soothing hot Teas.

TEA: In Chinese Medicine we are now in the Lung season. To help reduce symptoms  of dryness, i.e. tight muscles and stiffness, sinusitis and anemia, see Tea recipe below. This Tea will build immunity and in turn reduce allergin responses especially inflammations of all tissues; muscles, tendons and sinews. It is a rich, cooling, source of iron and calcium.

TEA RECIPE; What you will need.

One tablespoon of Nettle, Red Raspberry, Yellow Dock, Honey and Mint

Ball jar and hot water

Add all ingredients into Ball jar. Let steep overnight. Strain and compost plant matter, sip and drink Tea through out the day for one week. (This Herbal recipe can be repeated for up to 2 weeks or as recommended by Professional Herbalist.)

PILLOW: Some of you have been so excited about my Buckwheat hulls and psyllium husk pillows that I use in my Private Practice. You wanted alternatives to memory foam, made of natural materials, so here is a link .http://www.pillowcompany.com/ to source this product.

You can also make a pillow at home as a DIY project here is link to show you how, http://www.save-on-crafts.com/buckwheat1.html

Happy Fall Tea making and crafting!

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