Fall Equinox and my light shines brighter as Sunlight wanes

UnknownIts been a challenging year for all of us. Something to do with the stars?

All I know for sure is that I have learned a lot about my own resources. This year I have journeyed deep into darkness and returned to ignite my inner light in a new way. This week-end is Fall Equinox, we are in the Harvest Season!!!

I have brought many apples to my table but most of all, I have brought my long learned Wisdom = Inner light. I have spent my entire life compulsively learning esoteric and daoist practices to share with you and grow as a Human. It all culminates into a Workshop I am teaching this Saturday called, Back to Basics, Grounding in Daily Life.

Some of you have been shocked to find out that I have not taught Workshops before. Not knowing that I have been avoiding Teaching groups because of shyness. Through my personal transformation this year, I realized it was due time to get over my shy self.

We all carry parts of ourselves that create Contraction = Fear and Avoidance

No more avoidance, this Fall Harvest, I jump into the flames of my fear and become, FEARLESS!!!! More illuminated and shinning brighter and clearer than ever before.

Welcome Harvest!