Departures and returns

This summer, my life has been moving very fast on the outside but very slow on the inside. It has been a season of deep reflection and celebration. A time to revisit old loves and have reunions.

REUNION-My 20-year reunion with my cohorts at Wired Magazine happened two weeks ago at the Tcho Chocolate factory at pier 17 in San Francisco. I was their Healer during the dot-com revolution. Twenty years gone by. This reunion made me realize how seminal turning points in our lives, truly shape who we are in the world and fuse life long relationships. I had a great time and was happily amused by seeing everyone. Rarely in each other’s lives but love was ever present through out the evening.

OLD LOVE, YOGA-I have taken up the practice of Yoga as a Medicine once again. Yoga and I have had an on and off again relationship since my first class that my Mother and I took back in 1979, when I was 16 years old. Yoga is one of my oldest loves, dependable and invigorating. I truly love practicing Yoga. My body always remembers what to do, I feel great and wonder why I drifted away from the practice? Realizing that with each new return, I find new openings within that could only have occurred through a departure.

If you find yourself afraid of making changes or drifting away from exercise routines, friendships…. realize you are just growing a new stronger branch in the grounded tree called your life/ body. Life is about getting more and more at ease with the departures and returns.Image