Celebrate the Sun

The benefits of Sunlight.

Summer Solstice happened this past week-end with a gorgeous supermoon, exalted heat and then the respite of a misting rain. We have our healthy Bay Area Summer weathers patterns back. Nice to experience the changes of cloud cover after months of unusually warm weather. The patter of the rain drops on the leaves under my trees the blanket of calm that only gray skies can induce.

Knowing that the sun still shines bright through the gray cloud cover and that we are always receiving its gracious Health benefits through the mists.

Even Science is changing its tune on Sunlight and is recommending people go out more into the light. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/vitamin-d/NS_patient-vitamind. Science is just starting to understand the intricacies of how we need the sun for healthy metabolic functions. The Sun literally feeds our bodies creating vitamin D in its various forms which build stable nerves, a normal sex drive, strong bones and well functioning hearts.

These are just a few benefits from the Sun. So simply step outside for up to 20 minutes or more a day. And let me know what your observation is of how you feel different inside?

Knowing you are the light, literally because our bodies take the Sunlight and convert it into what we  need to live.

photo by: http://www.unahayesingram.com