Thank you

Thank you Susan Reed of

So, some of you wonder how and why I look so healthy and fit? Most of it is because of my trainer from Urban Agility.
  I know I have whole-heartedly recommended Susan,, to some of you, others have gone and realized her amazing skills and others still want to get back into shape.
Well, Susan is the one to see for private and group work outs! She knows the body, she knows the excuses and she knows how to gauge your fitness abilities, to push you further, faster and stronger than personally imagined. She helped me re-gain a healthy body after Graduate School and for this I will always be grateful. 
Look and see what she shared on her Blog below about my Private Practice last week!!!!!!
And if you want to get fit and strong, tell her I sent you!
Testimonial Wednesday – Healing Body Work
I first met Ratka Mira Popovic about 3 years ago through a mutual friend in West Oakland.  She’d been living in her neighborhood for quite a while and really had a feel for the people and the culture of our city.  I loved her love of life and laughter, her devotion to her friends and family, the many lives she has lived.  She had just finished a long stint at graduate school and started coming to my workouts.  When I found out she was a skilled bodyworker, I figured I should make an appointment.  What I discovered was she was a master at her craft, a gifted healer with deep insight into how the body should work and how, through injury or other improper ways of moving, it begins to shut down.  She has helped me reweave the way my body moves.  Over the years, we have traded our skills and developed a beautiful friendship.  I am happy to continue to promote Ratka Mira in her ongoing goal of providing healing touch to more humans.