This Spring is the season of Children

It was a delight to have my first pediatrics patient come in for allergies and asthma for the beginning of the spring season. A wee girl of 7 years old the third generation of woman in her family that I have had the honor of working with. Having a private practice for 22 years affords me the grace of working with the different generations and health concerns that come with the different seasons of life.

This spring is the season of children.

She had missed school the day of her treatment due to low energy and compromised breath. She was so sweet during her medical intake, giggling all the way with her grand-mothers assistance.

In Graduate School we had the opportunity to learn techniques for pediatric care but this was the first time in my private practice to administer them. I was very excited and it went absolutely wonderfully.

The treatment consisted of TCM child modalities, gua sha, bodywork, acu-pressure. My intention was to get her breathing better and to boost her energy levels so that her natural immunity would get a re-boot.

Children are so much quicker at healing. They are designed to grow and grow out of illness and build immunity. After her treatment she felt better and literally skipped out into the street with her grandmother in tow; she was exuberant, high energy and happy. Her grandmother commenting with a smile, “I think she is feeling better.”

The following day I got an email saying she was back to school, breathing normally, returned to her gymnastics work-outs and asked if she could see me again that day, with her younger sister insisting on an appointment next.

I loved it!!! Nectar Health’s doors are now officially open for Pediatric Care as well.Image