I Plant a Garden in your Names

imagesI plant a garden in your names. The land was becoming fallow unattended by your loving hands.Weeds appeared where once there were vegetables, flowers, butterflies and bees.

I felt a need to give you grace, hold up my heart to the heavens and create beauty, so your lives were not in vain.

I honor you in the snap peas, kale and the freshly finished wood-bin.  The fragrance of the linseed oil lingers amongst the trees, slowly becoming air born. How I too become air on the winds, resisting the desire to follow the scent of you both, lost.

I replenish the wild birdseed feeder, hoping the squirrels do not discover it first. Longing to fly away on Red Raven’s wings and meet you there in the canopy of the Redwood and beyond.

I listen to the birds singing their elative songs, waiting to understand, hoping for a message, missing your voices distinct and sublime.

I walk the fairy circle and call in your Spirits, into the sacredness of the garden. I walk three times around with intention, praying to the seven directions with every step. I ask you both to inspire my soul, help me stay in my body and tend to this green Goddess globe called home. I walk and till the soils in your names, Francis my Love and Milorad my Father.

I call upon the strength of my two powerful Men, while embodied you were both my pillars. I ask and ask, how can I walk now on this earth with you so far journeyed into the ethereal? I wait and wait for an answer.

It is the day before the Spring Equinox and the earth is wet and ready, waiting for me to hold the trowel now. Needing turning, watching, learning, stewardship.  I turn the soils for my Green Men. Knowing I must be your Priestess Soldier now.

I will walk, I will listen, I will see and I will stay.