Compost before Spring!

Spring is officially around the corner. What have you been holding onto that you would like to compost and let go of?  Old clothes that make you feel ugly? Habitual responses? Personal armoring?

What is stirring inside of you ready to birth forth? And how are you emerging this year?

I am emerging anew, strangely so, with the loss of my two favorite men in the world, my husband Francis and my father Milorad. I am learning how love is truly eternal and how we will all leave these vessels called our bodies.

So, while we still have the incredible opportunity to make the most of LIFE, lets do it! Love bigger! Be silly, enjoy your body and keep your heart open. Take notice of the changes that occur in and around you from living your life in an unveiled state.

Staying open-hearted does not take away the shadow within you and it is not a guarantee for internal bliss. But it is a big solution to many personal struggles self-created and projected into the world; the dog, the laundry, your partner, your sorrow…. It is worth a try, I know this to be true because I practice this everyday. Some days I am better at it than others. It just takes practice. Even now while I am deeply grieving, I practice and take note.

Love yourself first and know that I will help you keep your heart soft and vulnerable, as it is designed. Blessings.Image