Extraterrestrial space invasion


My sinuses have been invaded by a colony of extraterrestrial bacteria. These invaders are in the billions, all attacking me and replicating on site with new arsenals to invade into my eyes, ears, throat and sinuses. Yikes! At least this is how I have been feeling the past week. Having my system incapacitated by a severe invasion of pathogens, I have been battling them and in turn been left speechless (laryngitis) and not able to hear the enemy invade (my right middle ear, feeling like it is wrapped in a high end spa towel, under water.) I am exhausted from the battle and this leads me to sleep, read the NYTimes, and watch loads of movies.


I must be starting to feel better because as of yesterday my humor has returned but it still is not helping me hear! I find myself lip reading and saying, “What?” constantly. Kind of like my elder parents who refuse to acknowledge the natural loss of hearing from old age.  


Then there is this thing about knowing too much from studying Medicine and practicing it for a living. The one thing that has been lurking in my towel wrapped head is, possible loss of hearing and even though it’s probably not going to occur, there is this fear that circle’s around in my mind. Taking my own best professional advice, I tried to simmer down this voice by calling Kaiser advice Nurse/ Doctor to still the paranoia. It worked.


Then there is the tactic I took yesterday to feel  “normal”, I dressed in beautiful clothing and took a walk with my sweet husband Francis to Peralta Junction. Absolutely beside myself to be out of the house and especially outside of my bedroom with the propped up pillows and tissue box. This was a great attempt at forgetting, just for a few hours, how bed ridden and delirious I have been. This worked as well. Thanks to great neighbors, fun and the glorious weather!


The space beings are beginning to retreat since they initially invaded my soft morsel of a body. I no longer feel like I am drowning in my own head as frequently, which is reassuring and I may be seeing the light at the end of this weird infection.


Thought it would be funny to share this odd moment with you all and have you realize that I too get sick and need a place to share my story.


Hope to hear your stories soon again once my ears escape the spa towel and I resurface from the bottom of the pool.Image