Welcome back from your Summer Travels!

Welcome back from your big end of Summer adventures! Its always a great time of year September. Grounding yourself back in the Bay Area in many ways professionally and personally. Looking forward to seeing you more on a regular schedule again and helping you fine tune your self care.

It is between seasons right now, Fall is trying to rear its cool head with a blanket of fog covering the sun. Remember this is the time of year when it is easy to catch a cold and allergies are high. Start by taking another layer of clothing with you when heading out the door or keep one in your car to accommodate the cooler morns/ evenings. When working out remember the same policy applies keeping your muscles warm as you cool down from you work outs.

 It is a good time to begin drinking warm herbal teas to ignite your internal digestive flame. Maybe consider a slightly warming tea, i.e. non-caffeinated Chai. All of those yummy herbs; cardamon, ginger.. help with having a happy healthy Gastro-Intestinal tract and increase circulation through out your system.

See you soon!Image