Summer time and I am singing in the mists

Well its been a busy Summer season of new patients, fee changes and unexpected turn of events.

Life has a magical pleasant way of leading us in unexpected new directions.

I started singing in a Balkan Woman’s chorus this January. Somehow Music as Medicine has become a theme in my life. One connection has rapidly lead to another and I am now privately studying how to read sheet music, Di-phonic singing, Balkan singing and Frame drum lessons. My teachers, Mary Ellen Donald, Elizabeth Setzer and Janet Kutulas of Kitka, are all truly Masters in there fields. It is an exciting wonderful merger of my two loves and professions, Art/ Healing Work.

Funny how I thought I would be doing rotations in a Hospital but the program was drastically cut for financial reasons at the last minute and I was cut with the trimming of fat. Thank goodness.

But my initial prayer for applying to the program at the Hospital was; to lead me to find colleagues in Integrative Medicine and well Music is what is blooming from this prayer. Got to love how the Universe creates our intentions for us. Always a mystery and I am truly in amazement. This is a welcome turn of events full of possibilities and unexplored terrain.

The Integrative Medicine part, I think is within me?! My integration of my work in Art and Healing. And then collaborating with other colleagues working in the Arts and Healing. It is perfect and funny. Sometimes we have to journey so far outward into the world, to make new friendships, to be brought back home to ourselves again. Thanks Spirit, you got me laughing, humming, singing and celebrating the Love and Beauty of your grace.

Blessed bee.