Spring is here and the mind is catching up!

Wow, what a crazy Winter season of sun and sickness. Thank goodness we are officially in Spring! Day light savings always puts a reset button in the body as to what season we are in.

What have you composted within yourself this past Winter? making rich fertile soil for your souls growth this Spring? In Chinese Medicine we are in the Liver season. It is the season to GROW like trees forming fuller bodies and broader canopies. What do want to explore or change? Perhaps a new exercise regime? a new art project? or a career change? So much can transform in a short duration of time. Begin to implement what you want to create today and each day to follow, slowly and with intention.

I began to sing again after a 20 year hiatus, by joining a chorus. It has been a joyous and challenging exercise of my voice and spirit. I am uplifted by gathering weekly with others and sharing song. My ‘canopy’ is auditory awareness as I play with my voice in many ranges. I hear the sounds in my everyday life more acutely; singing birds, the chirping of the garbage truck and the delicious ‘whiz’ of my bicycle tires.

So if you are feeling different within yourself, know that you are. We are always able to catch up with ourselves. It is our consciousness that always lags a little behind before we recognize our own transformations. Enjoy the season and celebrate your life!