Blooming into yourself

We are on the precipice of springtime bursting forth. In fact the sunshine has confused our gardens and bodies into believing that the season has already arrived.

This early sun has created a virulent cold and flu season with lingering upper respiratory infections. The best way to treat them is with loads of rest, antibiotics and Chinese herbs. I ran from this infection myself all season like a beautiful choreographed dance until it caught up with me. So, reading, resting and dreaming in what is it that I truly want to happen for myself this spring?! I had to push through the boredom of doing nothing but being then it started to get fun.

Dreaming in my hearts desires; I have gotten a great opportunity to do this. Have you given yourself this time?

We neglect the amazing respite of what a normal rainy season brings… inner reflection and longer sleep patterns. It is natures way of creating recuperation time. So, if you neglected to reflect on what you desire for yourself, Embrace some good old fashion DOWN TIME.

And call me in the morning to help put into play your visions. Looking forward to helping you Bloom into yourself.

Blessings, RatkaMira